Transmission bearing maintenance tips


The drive shaft is a rotating body with a high rotational speed and little support, so its dynamic balance is crucial. In order to ensure the normal operation of the drive shaft and extend its service life, proper maintenance and maintenance should be emphasized.
(1) It is forbidden to start with a high speed block.
(2) It is forbidden to start the clutch suddenly.
(3) It is forbidden to overload or speed.
(4) Always grease the universal joint and check the work of the drive shaft.
(5) During the maintenance, check the tightening condition of the drive shaft hanger, whether the supporting rubber is damaged, and whether the connecting parts of the drive shaft are loose. Check whether the drive shaft is deformed frequently.
(6) In order to ensure the balance of the drive shaft, attention should always be paid to whether or not the balance welding lug is welded off. Grease should be added to the universal joint cross-shaft bearing. In the summer, it should be injected with Lithium No. 3 grease, and in winter it should be injected with No. 2 lithium grease.